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Here comes GOOGLE UNIVERSITY SEARCH RANK: The rise of Online Universities!

    Femke Reijnders

    Here comes GOOGLE UNIVERSITY SEARCH RANK: The rise of Online Universities!

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    The google list points to the phenomenal rise in the interest regarding online degree programmes.(Image by By Petar Milošević)



    The Internet search giant Google has announced the "20 Most searched universities" for 2014.

    The surprise is, the "most online searched universities" list is very different than those traditional ranking lists. The 20 university list contains 5 universities from India! It also contains institutions like "Open University" which normally does not do well in traditional rankings...

    Strong interest in Online university programmes!

    Obviously the internet search engine users have a different profile than audience of traditional campus-based universities. Harvard University (the world's best university according to URAP ranking), comes only 15 in Google's list. Yet, at the top of the list is a university which did not even get into URAP list: University of Phoenix. This commercial university was in the news in a negative way in the recent years, because of its some recruitment practices. But University of Phoenix is also the one which offers a lot of online courses.

    The list points to the phenomenal rise in the interest regarding online degree programmes.

    The signs of rise for the "online university" is further endorsed by the 3rd position of the "Open University" of England. This institution is one of the pioneers of the  "distance learning" model, initially by post only, long before internet came along.

    All English...

    It is noticable that all of the universities in the list are from countries which use English as the official language. Actually all universities are from 3 countries. USA, England and India.

    5 Indian Universities among the top 20!

    It is also interesting that 2 of these 5 Indian universities are from the state of Tamil Nadu.

    Here are the top 20 universities search engine users search for:

    1. University of Phoenix (USA)

    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

    3. Open University (England)

    4. University of Calicut (Kerala,India)

    5. University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

    6. Anna University (Tamil Nadu, India)

    7. Stanford University (USA)

    8. London School of Economics (England)

    9. Columbia University (USA)

    10. New York University (USA)

    11. University of Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

    12. University College London (England)

    13. University of Oxford (England)

    14. Florida State University (USA)

    15. Harvard University (USA)

    16. University of Cambridge (England)

    17. Liberty University (USA)

    18. University of Rajasthan (Rajasthan, India)

    19. University of Michigan (USA)

    20. Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu, India)

      • Liesbeth

        By Liesbeth

        billions of flys eat s**t, so who cares?

        • Arie

          By Arie

          Hmmm I wanna attend this specific online university :-) What are the contact details?

          • Lisalotte

            By Lisalotte

            It is not clear if Google has compiled the list only from English language searches. Even if it is, it is still a valid list, as searches in English dominate Google's searches. Huge China? Where is it?


            • Ella Thijsen

              By Ella Thijsen

              Ranking are not reliable. Only an indication. "Better than nothing". And now this Google ranking makes me even less positive over the rankings. ABSURD!

              • Hans

                By Hans

                welcome to the club. Soon you will also hear my ranking system.

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