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The 3 Best Universities in The Netherlands? Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam. In this order, it seems...


    The 3 Best Universities in The Netherlands? Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam. In this order, it seems...

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    Leiden University (image by 'Rudolphous')


    Why is University of Amsterdam so euphoric?

    While looking for something at University of Amsterdam's (UvA) web site, I came accross this article which boasts that "University of Amsterdam is the best Dutch university in QS World University Rankings". It made me itchy, thinking "there must a reason why the UvA needs to boast" and I checked other ranking systems.

    For comparing the Dutch universities. I used the rankings used by Universitian. Namely, QS, URAP, CWTS Leiden, THE and ARWU Shanghai rankings.

    Now I know why.

    It is Leiden University. If you take the ranking systems seriously, the Leiden University is actually the indisputable leader of the Dutch universities. Remember that, we are talking about general rankings, not field based. OK, it is sometimes like comparing oranges with apples but nevertheless... 

    I now know why UvA needs to boast with its latest QS rank. To be honest, for some reason, I was also thinking that UvA topped all rankings. Far from truth. Actually UvA came top only on QS (hence!) and went as down as 6th position in THE. On the other hand, Leiden University never went lower than 3rd position in any of the rankings...

    The Dutch "Ivy League"

    In all rankings, the top position is shared by 3 universities: Leiden University, Utrecht University and UvA. Leiden University got it in both THE and (own) CWTS Leiden rankings. Utrecht got URAP and ARWU. And understandably UvA is wild about its only catch: QS. When we look at the ranks of these 3 universities over all rankings, Leiden truly deserves the top spot with its consistent performance of getting top 3 positions in all of them. Utrecht University is a good second, whereas UvA's rank flactuates between 1 and 6...


    Other interesting observations are: University of Groningen gets the 3rd rank in ARWU Shanghai and 4th rank in URAP but goes as low as 11 in CWTS Leiden.  Delft University of Technology gets 4th rank in QS but saved from the last position in VWTS only by 13th lying Tilburg University....

    Here are the results of major Dutch universities:

                                                              Rankings (country rank in paranthesis)

    Institution                           QS                  URAP            CWTS         THE                ARWU                  

    U. of Amsterdam                  50(1)              53(2)             81(4)         83(6)           101-150(5)

    Leiden U.                              75(2)              72(3)             53(1)          67(1)                   77(2)

    Utrecht U.                             80(3)              43(1)             77(3)         74(4)                    57(1)

    Delft U. of Tech.                   86(4)             207(10)        148(12)        69(2)           201-300(6)

    U. of Groningen                   90(5)               80(4)          120(11)        98(7)                    82(3)

    Erasmus U.                           90(5)               82(5)            85(5)          73(3)           151-200(6)

    Maastricht U.                      118(6)             206(9)          110(10)        98(7)           201-300(7)

    Eindhoven U. of Tech.        147(7)             298(11)          94(7)         106(8)          301-400(8)

    Wageningen U.                  151(8)             180(8)            93(6)           77(5)           101-150(5)

    Redboud U. Nijmegen        156(9)               84(6)           97(8)          131(9)           101-150(5)

    VU U. Amsterdam               171(10)           115(7)           64(2)          144(10)                 100(4)

    U of Twente                        212(11)            364(12)        102(9)        170(11)           301-400(8)

    Tilburg U.                            367(12)            668(13)        258(13)      226-250 (12)   401-500(9)

    Open U. of Netherlands          -               1381(14)           -                    -                            -




    Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University)

    Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University)

    Utrecht University is a public university in Utrecht, the Netherlands.