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Wonderful Utrecht Summer School!


    Wonderful Utrecht Summer School!

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    If you have already attended Utrecht Summer School, you know it is wonderful. If you have not, you should! Really. The next summer will arrive sooner than you expect...

    Biggest in Europe

    Utrecht summer school offers over 165 courses, ranging from bachelor tot PhD level. Whether you are a PhD student concerned with medicine, a bachelor student interested in business or a master student with a keen interest in law; there is a course that suits your needs. For most of the courses, ECTS credits are rewarded. So, in addition to the satisfaction of gained knowledge and enjoyment, you will have also credits to take home...

    As a matter of fact, Utrecht Summer School is the biggest university summer school in Europe and jointly organized by University of Applied Sciences Utrecht,University of Arts Utrecht and Utrecht University,


    It is not all study, but a Utrecht experience

    With Utrecht Summer School, you not only gain valuable knowledge over your interesting subjects, but there is also the fun side. The social acivities range from night canoeing in Utrecht's beautiful canals to cycling tours, excursions to nearby towns and the unique experience of ringing the bells of the Dom tower.


    Check out the web site: Utrecht Summer School

    And here is what you missed:  The hightlights of the Utrecht Summer School 2014 (uploaded by : Laura Torenbeek):




      • Marieke Hemstra

        By Marieke Hemstra

        Summer school? funny. Nederland is a winter country!

        • JaapK

          By JaapK

          very funny... You know we have courses in the winter too.

        Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University)

        Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University)

        Utrecht University is a public university in Utrecht, the Netherlands.