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Migrant children denied an equal chance at university. A Jamaican origin student starts campaign

    Lara van Kampen

    Migrant children denied an equal chance at university. A Jamaican origin student starts campaign

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    A jamaican origin student who grew up in England starts a campaign for equal chance. Though in this specific case, the campaign is caused by discrimination at English universities, it could well be in any other EU country.

    After studying 10 years in England, suddenly...

    Chrisann Jarrett, a daughter of Jamaican migrants to England and recepient of an offer to study law at the London School of Economics,  was surprised when she learned that the university fees have skyrocketed because of her immigrant status. Not only this, also the student loans available to her friends were not available to her.

    According to the article in The Guardian newspaper, the situation that this is a common problem immigrant children face in England, as well as children of more recent arrivals like asylum seekers. According to the news, she has now launched a campaign to help others in similar situation. The campaign names "Let Us Learn", targets to raise awareness in students of similar background who want to go on to university.

    How about the situation in The Netherlands: The answer is: not better.

    It is very unfair to single out England in this situation. I know that it is not any different in The Netherlands. I have friends at our university (VU University Amsterdam) who face exactly the same issues. For example:

    - any person who needs to study in the Netherlands has to apply for residence permit. Fair. But not really fair: The application fee for non-EU students is around 10 times more expensive than for an EU student! Never mention the need to deal with some red necks at Dutch Immigration office IND...

    - Universities charge much more for non-EU students than for EU students, sometimes 3 times more!

    - non-EU students get no student loans and in most situations, the discounts available to students (for public transport, health insurance or so) are not available to them...

    and rest of EU?

    I do not know but somehow I think these are EU-wide issues   


      • Lara van Kampen

        By Lara van Kampen

        What a discrimination. Treating someone who grew up there as a total alien....

        • Marieke Hemstra

          By Marieke Hemstra

          Weird. Punt.

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