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German Universities are now TUITION-FREE. Also for International Students!


    German Universities are now TUITION-FREE. Also for International Students!

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    Undergraduate university education in Germany is now totally tuition free! Also for international students!

    Actually university education has been  tuition-free in all German federal regions with the exception of Lower Saxony (northwestern Germany) . With the abolishment of tuitions also in Lower Saxony, now Germany is a totally tuition-free country. Lower Saxony is, amoung others, home to the prestigious Georg August University in Göttingen.

    "We don't want higher education which depends on the wealth of the parents"

    After the decision, Gabriele Heinen-Kljajic, minister for science and culture of Lower Saxony said : "We don't want higher education which depends on the wealth of the parents"

    Germany has traditionally been a tuition-free country. When they were introduced in 2006, they were very low (around 1300 USD), a fraction of what US and English universities charge (15000-40000 USD range). Even then this caused an uproar and the federal regions started dropping the fee one by one, with the Lower Saxony being the last one.

    Officials say that the tuition fees discourage young people who do not have a traditional academic family background from taking up university education.

    World's best Universities are now free for qualified students!

    In Times Higher Education World University Rankings Germany has 6 universities. That means, any student with the right academic performance can study at Munich's renowned Ludwig Maximilians University, Göttingen's Georg August University, university of Heidelberg, etc.


      • Ella Thijsen

        By Ella Thijsen

        And who pays for it? The German people's taxes... A bit crooked I would say!

        • Lara van Kampen

          By Lara van Kampen

          @Ella All due respect I think a bit shallow thinking to only emphasize that free tuitions are subsidized by tax revenue of the German people.

          Do not forget that, when these students graduate, the contribute to the economy of their country, hence the German people get their contribution back many times over.

          And if you are talking over international students, do not forget that many of them stay in Germany and contribute to German welfare. Even more importantly, those who go back to their countries, take up decision making positions and guess which country benefits from it when they need to choose between a German-made machienary and British made?

          Above all, it is very human that everybody gets equal opportunity.

          • Jørn Sørensen-Jensen

            By Jørn Sørensen-Jensen

            @Lara van Kampen  agree...

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