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Top 20 Universities producing billionaires!

    Jan Sørensen

    Top 20 Universities producing billionaires!

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    image by Mefman00 [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons.


    TOP 20 Universities with the highest number of billionaires!

    Swiss banking group UBS's report compiles a list of universities which produced the highest number of billionaires. The list has 20 universities and 16 of them are US universities!

    Interestingly an Indian University makes it in the top 10.

    Here is the Top Universities with the highest nuumber of billionaire alumni:

                                                                                                        Billionaire Undergraduate

    Rank    University                                                    Country                  Alumni                  

     1          University of Pennsylvania                          USA                         25

     2          Harvard University                                        USA                         22

     3          Yale University                                               USA                         20

     4          University of Southern California               USA                         16

     5          Princeton University                                     USA                         14

     6         Cornell University                                           USA                         14

     7         Stanford University                                        USA                         14

     8         University of California,Berkeley                 USA                         12

     9         University of Mumbai                                     India                       12

    10        London Sch.of Economics & Pol.Science    England                   11

    11        Lomonosov Moscow State University         Russia                     11

    12        University of Texas                                         USA                         10

    13        Dartmouth College                                         USA                        10

    14        University of Michigan                                   USA                        10

    15        New York University                                       USA                          9

    16        Duke University                                              USA                          9

    17        Columbia University                                       USA                          8

    18        Brown University                                            USA                          8

    19        Massachusetts Institue of Technology       USA                          7

    20        ETS                                                                    Switzerland           6


    These 20 universities produce only 16% of the World's billionaires. The rest (84%) are from 700 different universities...


      • Mette Bryllund

        By Mette Bryllund

        damn boring. money money and money. Then what?

        • Celine Cramer

          By Celine Cramer

          Are they self-made billionaires or the university graduates with billionaire parents?

          • Adreana

            By Adreana

            Probably they were born billionaires :-)

            • Myrtle Reid

              By Myrtle Reid

              means nothing to me.

              • Marinus van der Berg

                By Marinus van der Berg

                ditto that.

                • Bernardo Kirsch

                  By Bernardo Kirsch

                  what a nonsense! They went to those universities because they were already rich.

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