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Accomodation for student in Amsterdam- How much does it cost?


    Accomodation for student in Amsterdam- How much does it cost?

    Started by Manuela Replies (12)

    Ola! I plan to come to Amsterdam to study there. Can you tell me how much student housing costs? Are there dormitories? How can I apply? If I need to rent a room how much cost it? Thank you thank you thank you for your answers in advance.... Manuela

      • Nicole

        By Nicole

        Ola too! I see that noone answered this. If you have not already sorted it out yoursef, let me put down what I know: A room (wit a family or so) will cost between 300-600 euros, depending on where in Amsterdam it is located and its state. This is a montly price of course.

        • Marieke Hemstra

          By Marieke Hemstra

          Here is the organization specialized on student housing (or "rooming"): https://www.duwo.nl/

          • Jan Sørensen

            By Jan Sørensen

            it does not matter Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Just find a boyfriend or girlfriend and move in!

            • Liesbeth

              By Liesbeth

              If you are interested, a friend of mine is renting a house in Amsterdam. Contact me if you will.

              • Elise van der Mark

                By Elise van der Mark

                Hello Manuela, here is my 5 cents: The best way to get housing in Amsterdam is via the university you enroll. Student housing in Amsterdam is a big issue. Many students have trouble in finding an affordable living place. SOme universities though have special arrangements for their students.

                For example, the Amsterdam University College has dormitories (via another company). A one person room with a kitchen and bathroom (shared by two rooms) costs around 350 euro a month. They are quite fine actually. Below are some pictures for such a room (only the room and the kitchen).



                If you do not want to share your bathroom and kitchen with another, then you pay 500 euro. But note that, most students get "rent aid". So actually you will end up paying only 370 euro or so. I am not sure if the rent aid is given to non-Dutch or non-EU students. I know that rent aid is not given to those rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen. It is only for standalone studio apartments.

                Good luck!

                • Manuela

                  By Manuela

                  Thank you Elise! The house looks perfect. 370 euro is not cheap. Reality it is expensive for me. But I am trying to get a scholarship. Thank you Marieke, thank you Liesbeth, thank you all for the information!

                  • Elise van der Mark

                    By Elise van der Mark

                    You are most welcome! I hope you get your scholarship and move to the Netherlands for study. By the way, I have noticed that Marieke has already passed you the URL of the student housing agency. GOOD LUCK!

                    • Myrtle Reid

                      By Myrtle Reid

                      @Elise van der Mark How can I learn for sure whether the rent subsidy is given to non-Dutch students? Thanks.

                      • Roberta

                        By Roberta

                        every university has a dormitory?

                        • Lutz Hermans-Meyers

                          By Lutz Hermans-Meyers

                          Hello. I have the same question as Myrtle Reid. Is that particular subsidy only for the Dutch?

                          Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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