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Will Europe be flooded by students from UK?

    Lara van Kampen

    Will Europe be flooded by students from UK?

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    Following a change in UK (England with the surrounding regions of Scotland, Wales and norhern Ireland) university admissions system, Europe might experience a flood of students from UK, it seems.

    In UK, the university admissions are handled by this organization called "UCAS" (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). It is a charity whose main role is providing the application process for almost all British universities. It does it mainly for undergraduate studies.

    Up until now, this was possible for only a handful of institutions, like Amsterdam Fashion Academy. It is expected that this will potentially create a surge of students from England to Europe, mainly to Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and to lesser degree to France. UCAS says they would “consider requests” from European higher education institutes “if they can demonstrate that they meet equivalent standards to those in the UK”.

      • Myrtle Reid

        By Myrtle Reid

        I hope not. Good to have a balance of international students.

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