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Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Groups (university or interest)

What is a Group?

A group is a "place" where you can meet the people wih whom you you common things.

For example, every university is represented as a "group" in Universitian.com. For "university group"s, the type of the group is "University".

There can also be "non university" groups. We call them "interest group"s. For example, you can create a new group called "Scandinavian Intern Exchange Group" and set its type to "Interest".

In addition, within each group, you can also create sub-groups.


How do I join a university or interest group in Universitian.com?

Search for your university's name (e.g. "University of Oslo") or your interest (e.g. "AISEC") via the "Search" box. Find it in the search result list. Click on it to expand. On the group page, you will see a button "Join". Click on it.

Note that, if the group you are trying to join is an "Open Group", then you can join immediately. But if it is a "Closed Group", then the "owner" of the group has to approve you.