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Native Italian is looking for Swedish mothertongue in Kalmar for language exchange. 4 days ago

Brief description: Kalmar-swedish/italian Language exchange
    • Henk

      Looking for someone for Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian conversation

      Started by Henk
      Hi folks, assuming this group is also open to all languages (I checked the previous messages): I am learning Serbian. I am looking for someone to practice my language. You can be a Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian speaker, as long as a native speaker it is...
      • Henk

        Only for Italian Swedish?

        Started by Henk
        Hello folks, is this group only for Italian Swedish language exchange?
        • Leentje

          language exchange for Icelandic and Dutch

          Started by Leentje
          Hi I am a native Dutch speaker and I am interested in contact (male or female) with a native Icelandic speaker. If you are not interested in Dutch, we can stick to Icelandic only or I can help you with my English (fluent speaker). I like...
          • Nielsvv

            Looking for a Japanese penfriend

            Started by Nielsvv
            Hello, I am going to start learning Japanese. Can a native Japanese speaker engage in a email exchange with me? I am a complete starter. You have been warned... Niels.

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