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University Rankings

University Rankings

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This group is for discussing the university rankings.

As you may have noticed, there are loads of university rankings nowadays and likely to increase. Which are better and which not? Or simply you want to express your opinion on them? Just discuss here.

Why a separate group?

I have a issue with the ARWU ranking, so called "Shanghai ranking". You can read my argument against this ranking system which ı shall add as the first discussion in this group. OK, I had already expressed this in the Universiteit Utrecht group, then why also here?

Because I have noticed that another person (Lioba Dürer from Germany) also questions the ARWU ranking. But his discussion is in Humboldt University group which may be open to only people affiliated with that university. I wanted to react but I need to be a member of that group. Hence I thought it is better to set up a inter-university group!

Brief description: The inter-university group to discuss University Rankings
University Rankings

University Rankings

The inter-university group to discuss University Rankings

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