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Korfball Network

Korfball Network

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We have created this group to start a network between Korfbal teams of the universities.

If you do not know what Korbal is, you are missing a lot. Korfbal is the only team game where teams are composed of both genders. Enough said?


So, if you do not really know, what is Korfbal?

Korfbal is a ball sport, with similarities to netball and basketball. It has a mixed-gender league and an all-women league, but no all-men league. It is played by two teams of eight players with either eight females in each team or with four females and four males in each team. The objective is to throw a ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a 3.5 m high pole.

The sport was invented by Dutch school teacher Nico Broekhuysen in 1902. In the Netherlands, there are around 580 clubs and over 100,000 people playing korfbal. The sport is also very popular in Belgium and Taiwan, and is played in many other countries. Mixed-gender korfbal is more generally played in the north of the Netherlands, while all-female korfbal is generally played in the catholic christian south. Korfbal is one of the fastest spreading sports in the world.

It is a university sport

Korfbal is increasingly popular in universities all over the world. Especially in Europe, almost all university seems to have a korfbal team!

Why "korfbal" and not "korfball"

"Korbal" is spelled as "Korfbal" with one "l". The point is: It is invented by Dutch and it is called in Dutch "Korfbal" (for the correct prononciation check the Google translare -never mind that it wrongly translates it as "basketball": https://translate.google.com/#nl/en/korfbal).

But because this is an English language group, I renamed the group to korfball.

Please invite your university's Korbal team to the group!


Brief description: Networking group for Universities' Korfball teams, players.
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Korfball Network

Korfball Network

Networking group for Universities' Korfball teams, players.

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