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Start working on networking while at university!

    Celine Cramer

    Start working on networking while at university!

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    image by Townsville Chamber licence by CC.


    Mostly university students underestimate the importance of networking. Networking is often seen as a "lowly", "dishonest" engagement.


    One thing is, networking does not have to be dishonest and lowly. If we look around, most good things are the product of cooperation between many people. The other thing is, you like it or not, you have to network with people to go places, to find a job, to advance in your career. It is as simple as this. If you think that hard work alone will bring you all these, you are horribly mistaken....


    Even those who believe in networking think that it is a thing of business world; "something to deal with after the graduation". The fact is, now is the time to start networking. If you can, you should start even earlier :-)  The bonds you establish at the university are to last for many years and often much stronger than the ones you establish at work after graduation.

    This Guardian article mentions this: 3D rule: Do it now. Do it every day. Don't worry about punching above your weight."

    Interesting reading: How to establish your professional network while at university?



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