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    • Marjolijn Klomp

      What is Erasmus Programme?

      The ERASMUS programme is a European student exchange programme established in 1987 offering university students a possibility&n...

      • Marjolijn Klomp

        270,000 students benefited from grants for study or training abroad in 2012-2013!

          Record breaking year! Erasmus statistics rel...grants to study or train abroad in 2012-2013. University exchanges are popular, but Job Placements are not! Studying at another university continues to be the most popu...

        • Marjolijn Klomp

          Where to find more information?

          More detailed information on the ERASMUS Programme...ontact the International Relations Office of your university - usually searching for Erasm...dy Abroad, Study Exchanges on the website of your university should do the trick.  

          • Marjolijn Klomp

            How about the costs?

            Each student receives a grant which covers partly the costs of the stay abroad. Students going on exchange under the ERASMUS programme do not pay any university fees. All rights and obl...

            • Marjolijn Klomp

              How about courses I already followed in my home country? And the ones in the host country?

              One of the basic rights each exchange student has...d successfully abroad by the home university. Before leaving the home university, the participating student si...rsity. At the end of the stay the host university should prepare for the studen...