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    • Marjolijn Klomp

      Erasmus Exchange st.

      I went to Zaanse Schaans with some Erasmus exchange student friends today. It is where you can see typical Dutch scenes like dikes, river and above all, windmills! I would say, they liked it...

      • Marjolijn Klomp

        What are the most popular Erasmus destinations? Spain, Germany, France. But there are also surprises!

            What are the most popular Erasmus destinations?  Spain, Germany, France. But...od, Spain has been the most popular country for Erasmus university exchange people. O...n Finland with 5 million residents to host more Erasmus p...

        • Marjolijn Klomp

          Erasmus is over! Long live Erasmus+ !

          ...p; Europe's student exchange programme Erasmus is more popular than ever. It...s. It is over! But actually Erasmus is over! Erasmus programme had started in 1987 and fin...student exchange" part of the programme will continue. 14,7 billion...

          • Marjolijn Klomp

            Erasmus Baby Boom! 1 Million babies from Erasmus encounters!

            ...tp://www.babyboom.by)   Erasmus is good for Baby Boom! Accor...ng to a European Union report, Erasmus exchange programme has also been good for prod...e couples who met during their Erasmus exchange! The report says, 27%...ce 1987, the year that Erasmus programme started.    

            • Maurien

              The 3 Best Universities in The Netherlands? Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam. In this order, it seems...

              Leiden University (image by 'Rudolphous')   Why is University of Amsterdam so euphoric? While looking fo...bsp;                 82(3) Erasmus U...

              • Birgit

                I am looking for room in MURCIA during my Erasmus stay

                Hello to everybody, I am Birgit from Munich. I am looking for a room in Murcia for between September 10 and February 16. I can stay in a room for myself in an house wit...

                • luis

                  Erasmus for non Europeans?

                  Greetings from Lima I read with great interest the writings over Erasmus student exchange system. I feel the ethusiasm. My question is: Is it only for Europea Union, only for Europe or can I from Peru participato for example? Help please!  

                  • Sabine

                    Please please please!

                    I will come to Granada in September for Erasmus. Please help me find a place: http://campus.universitian.com/discussion/view/9137/erasmus-student-needs-room-in-granada#.VUulT5PF2NI Thanks... (((()))))

                    • Nela T.M. Gomez

                      Denmark experience for an Erasmus exchange student?

                      Hello friends. I will go to University of Copenhagen in September as an exchange student.   I would like to hear in general the DENMARK experiences of an Erasmus e...

                      • Kaspar

                        Estonian student need room in Antwerp for Erasmus stay

                        Hello friends, I am Kaspar.  I am Estonian. 22 years old. I need a place in Antwerp as of 15 September. I can rent for 6 months if the place, location and the price right. Please help me find a place, Thank you!