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    • Marjolijn Klomp

      What is Erasmus Programme?

      The ERASMUS programme is a European student exchange programme established in 1987 offering u...manist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. He s...r modern people. Since 2007 the Erasmus project is a part of The Lifelong Learning Programme (other projects: Comeniu...

      • Marjolijn Klomp

        Erasmus Programme News

          (14-07-2014) Erasmus breaks another record! 270.000 students benefited from Erasmus last year!

        • Marjolijn Klomp

          270,000 students benefited from grants for study or training abroad in 2012-2013!

          ...most popular destinations for Erasmus students in 2012-2013 were Sp...me countries by local funds. Erasmus is not only for students! Erasmus is not an exchange programme only for students! More than...efits the person who uses the programme, but also the quality of teac...

          • Marjolijn Klomp

            Where to find more information?

            More detailed information on the ERASMUS Programme is available at the European Commission's websit...national Relations Office of your university - usually searching for Erasmus, Study Abroad, Study Exchanges...

            • Marjolijn Klomp

              How about the costs?

              ...s of the stay abroad. Students going on exchange under the ERASMUS programme do not pay any university f...and obligations of exchange students are described in the Erasmus Student Charter. On the other...

              • Marjolijn Klomp

                Who can go on Erasmus?

                Erasmus programme is not only for the exchange of students, but also for professors and universities' staff as well.  The programme is open to citizens of: Me...

                • Marjolijn Klomp

                  How about courses I already followed in my home country? And the ones in the host country?

                  ...signs the Learning Agreement - a document that describes the programme of studies followed in the... can improve their language skills by participating in one of the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses ...