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    • JaapK

      Anybody you know in Rome?

      Hello, I am looking for a room in Rome for Sept 2015-Febr 2016 perid, I have placed an announcement in Univesity Square group but unfortunately until now no replies. Maybe you know someone in Rome who wants to rent a place? Sorry if it is irrelevant in this group...

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      • Lara van Kampen

        Fish restaurant in Rome with student prices?

        Hello, Can you recommend a fish restaurant in Rome? I had been feeding on pizzas and macaroni and I am really out of my league with anything else. I do not want to spend a fortune that I don't have either. Does such a place exist in Rome? Thanks!

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        • JaapK

          Erasmus student needs room in Rome

          Hello, I am an Erasmus student from the Netherlands and looking for a room in Rome. I can pay maximum 300 euro. If possible I can share a house with other people. I shall be in Rome between September 2015 and February 2016. Cheers

          Tags: erasmus, rome, room, flat