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    • Birgit

      I am looking for room in MURCIA during my Erasmus stay

      Hello to everybody, I am Birgit from Munich. I am looking for a room in Murcia for between September 10 and Febr...over-partying one. I have lived in Munich in a student commune and my friends find me v...

      • Marieke Hemstra

        Can racism be reformed? A symposium over the Dutch "Zwarte Piet" (Black Peter) tradition.

            Beste Mensen, On 5 November, there is a symposium at University of Amsterdam over the Dutch tr...of the symposium is "Moving Traditions - the story of Zwarte Piet". You might find it i...

        • Sabine

          Please please please!

          I will come to Granada in September for Erasmus. Please help me find a place: http://campus.universitian.com/discussion/view/9137/erasmus-student-needs-room-in-granada#.VUulT5PF2NI Thanks... (((()))))

          • Kaspar

            Estonian student need room in Antwerp for Erasmus stay

            Hello friends, I am Kaspar.  I am Estonian. 22 years old. I need a place in Antwerp as of 15 September. I can rent for 6 months if the place, location and the price right. Please help me find a place, Thank you!

            • Celine Cramer

              Start working on networking while at university!

              image by Townsville Chamber licence by CC. Hi, Mostly university students underestimate the importance of net...thing is, you like it or not, you have to network with people to go places, to find a jo...

              • Karin

                University of Groningen pays for the Dutch courses of the students

                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWUr3vyMi5s University of Groningen pays for the Dutc...o? Learning Dutch will help you make Dutch friends, find an internship, or a job in Gr...gistration procedure and course schedules You will find more...

                • Tibor

                  #stayExchange: Old year, New year in Rio. Any time in Szolnok

                  Hello to everyone I am a 20 year old Hungarian student. I am very interested in South America and culture. I...but even if you open your door to me for one two days I am grateful. If I can find a fe...

                  • Universitian (admin)

                    Welcome, Thank You & a request..

                    Dear Carla, We welcome you at Universitian.com. We appreciate that you have added your university to our virtual...s: THE WUR, URAP, CWTS Leiden, QS, ARWU. It is pretty easy to do this. You can find the...

                    • Carla

                      Bilbao students! 20 y.o Freiburg student needs 1 week host in Bilbao

                      Hello, My name is Carla. I am a student from University of Freiburg, Germany. I have booked my flights for Bilbao...y provide a place to sleep, it is also great. I do not need handholding, I can find my w...

                      • Mette Bryllund

                        StayExchange: Important note on StayExchange requests posted

                        Hello friends, As the administrator of the group, I would like to remind you the following rules when you post a...a StayExchange request, please add StayExchange tag to it. It will help others find it m...