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    • Dirk

      European Korfball Championship 2016 starts in Dordrecht, The Netherlands!

          The championship has started with today in Dordrecht and will last until 30th of October. A total of 33 matches will be played! What a festival in Dordrecht! The top 10 Korfball nations of Europe take place in the championship divided into two groups: POOL...

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      • Dirk

        University of Bristol Korfball 2014-2015

        Korfball is fun. University of Bristol Korfball team have done a good job of reflecting the team sprit and that LACK of hooliganism in our sport.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsXCAYSAb4

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        • Miriam

          Korfbal versus Korfball

          Dirk, I have sympathy for you using Korfbal but I think Korfball is more internationally accepted name

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          • Dirk

            You wil love Korfbal!

            Dear friends, I have created a group for Korfbal lovers. The aim is to create a network between university Korfbal teams and players. If you do not know what Korbal is, you are missing a lot. Korfbal is the only team game where teams are composed of both genders. Enough said? You don't have ...

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            • Dirk

              Don't be a listener, Join the discussion! Please add Korfbal news here

              Dear Korfballers! Please take actively part in the group. Join the discussion. I know currently there is no much discussion but please do not expect everything from the people who set up this group. At the end of the day, we are a couple of people. We know that you have interesting Korfbal news...

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              • GeertJan

                The IKF Guide to Korfball Coaching

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                • Marijke


                  Leuke korfbal foto's.

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                  • Dirk

                    A ball game for the 21st Century: Korfbal

                      Nice article. Even nicer that it mentions university teams and gives a reference to our group! enjoy: http://horizonpush.com/watch-this-rising-sport-korfbal-or-korfball-if-you-are-unsophisticated/

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                    • Dirk

                      IKF Korfball Country Ranking - 2016 August

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                      • Dirk

                        IKF Country Ranking - 2016 August

                        As some of you may have already heard, IKF came up with August 2016 ranking. I am including it below. IKF mentions the following events as the ones contributing to the ranking: IKF WKC, IKF U23 WKC, IKF Continental Championship, IKF Continental U21/23 Championship, IKF AOKC, IKF Asia U23KC, ...

                        Tags: IKF, IFF Country Ranking, korfball, korfbal, IKF WKC, IKF U23 WKC, IKF Continental Championship, IKF Continental U21/23 Championship, IKF AOKC, IKF Asia U23KC, IKF University WKC & IKF European Bowl